Bump To Baby

What better way to start your family album than with the very start of your baby’s life? These photoshoots can be at home or somewhere special such as your wedding venue to continue the story of your life. Why not combine a bump shoot with a baby photoshoot? You could re-visit the bump locations with baby!

Equine & Pets

Everyone loves their pets and pet portraits. What better way to capture you and your favourite furry/feathered friend than with a pet photoshoot?! Go for a walk, play, ride or just be together, let me capture that bond between you.
I have spent many years working with horses in different capacities, so I can add my knowledge to capturing the perfect photo, be it for a personal image or for your business.


How many times have you looked at a photo of someone you know and thought, ‘they look nothing like that in real life!’ ?
A ‘portrait’ can be so many things. A photo for your gran, family portrait, pet portraits, those awkward couple portraits at events! or an image to sell your business or craft .


Nothing gives your business a head start better than good quality images that really show what you are about. My approach to commercial photography is similar to that of portraits or family photo shoots, your business is about you and your passion for what you do. Getting to know you and what is important to you ensures this is reflected in the images for your website or advertising